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Frequently Asked Questions

1, what will be sent to the company's mail will be returned?
??& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Please call the company phone in time to contact the webmaster.

2, how to save the text of the page?
You only need to "file" on the menu, click "Save as" Save & rdquo ;, according to the need to select the file & ldquo; save type & rdquo; save can be.

3, how to create the current page of the desktop shortcut?
??You only need to right-click the current page, and then click "create shortcuts & rdquo; you can."

4, why not open the page?
??If you access the LAN through the LAN, due to the LAN to the external export bandwidth limit, connect to the site when the timeout error occurs can not connect the problem. If you encounter problems with the page can not open, and sometimes only need to refresh, and sometimes you need another time to visit.

5, visit the page encountered garbled how to do?
??When browsing the web page, such as garbled, can be resolved as follows: Use IE6.X, IE7.X browse the web, you can click on the "click" and click on the menu, click on the code, and then select "lvquo; Simplified Chinese GB2312 & rdquo; To solve. In addition, this site does not recommend using Google, Firefox and other browsers to browse.

6, encounter problems How to contact us?

CNBM(Yixing)New Energy Resources Co.,Ltd
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