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On enabling enterprise email notification

Different divisions of the company: 

To meet company business and staff exchanges and further promote the enterprise information construction and application level, and improve enterprise brand image, established a new company E-mail system, has been testing finished, was officially opened on the date of this notice. Is presently as follows details to inform: 

1, at present enterprise email mainly for executives, main business departments, each department head and back office use, 

All email account and initial password set up by the company unified naming suffix for "@ yxner.net", see the attachment. 

2, to protect the security of the account, please E-mail users of email immediately change the password, login url to https://exmail.qq.com/. 

3, enterprise email is only used to and the relevant business of the company, and all levels of personnel regardless of external and internal transfer files, 

The information such as reports or pictures, must use enterprise email. 

4, it is strictly prohibited to use enterprise email website, BBS etc has nothing to do with the company's business registration, prevent spam mail of the enterprise. 

5, personnel department email system for the enterprise management department, responsible for email setting, the account distribution, space control and supervise the use, guarantee normal operation of system. 

Notice is hereby given that the! 



Personnel department, 

On March 28, 2017 

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