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About 2016 annual enterprise assessment PingXian work notification

All departments and all staff: 

In order to encourage outstanding, the commendation advanced, carrying forward the culture of enterprise spirit, to further improve the staff's work enthusiasm, to create a good atmosphere of "growing together" employees and enterprises, the company leadership study decided, year-end assessment PingXian work, now the matters related to notice the following: 

A, the selection principle 

This poll, strictly follow the "fair, just and open, how" principle. 

Second, the selection of type and quota allocation: 

To choose a category: advanced individual, outstanding employees. 

Quota allocation: see attachment 1. 

Third, the selection criteria 

1, a strong sense of responsibility, loves the hillock professional, dedicated, and proactive completes the labor of duty. 

2, a global concept, obey organization distribution, accomplish every task of the unabashed. 

3, strict in law already, comply with company rules and regulations, no serious disciplinary violations. 

4, unity, cooperation, can cooperate well with others in the work, care and help others. 

5 the completion, its full-year performance good, no complaints from internal and external. 

6, personal leave number less than 4 times throughout the year, and the accumulated within 7 days (including). 

Fourth, the selection method 

1, according to the company quota allocation and selection standard, take department heads to recommend and organize democratic selection was conducted in two ways, and fill in the declaration form (see attachment 2), on January 13, 2017, shall submit to the administrative personnel Xu Yunzhou place before 17:00. 

2, approved by the company leadership after a watch list. 

3, the administrative personnel department of advanced individual, good staff list published on the guard and the staff canteen in public for three days, accept the supervision of the general staff. (80328283803809 3) supervise the phone: 

Five, the reward way 

1, advanced individual, and good employees will be one-time cash incentives. 

2, for two consecutive years was rated as advanced individual salary will be adjusted. 

Six, matters needing attention 

1, with explicit PingXian work is an important work, departments to seriously, carefully summarize, careful comparison, nor figure form and go through the motions. 

2, appraisal work summarizes achievement already, also want to find out the gap, the recommendation PingXian as promote company each work motivation. 



1, the building materials (yixing) new energy co., LTD. Advanced individual and good employees recommend quota allocation table 

2, the building materials (yixing) new energy co., LTD. Advanced individual and good employees return 


In the building materials (yixing) new energy co., LTD 

On January 10, 2017 

CNBM(Yixing)New Energy Resources Co.,Ltd
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