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Held on the staff spring outing

The leaders, colleagues:

In order to promote the exchange of everyone to create enterprise atmosphere of harmony, edify sentiment, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful scenery of yixing, a spring bath, enhance the staff's physical quality. After company research decision, is held on Saturday, March 18, employees spring outing. Is presently as follows the concrete issues notice:

A, activity time: this Saturday (March 18), such as the unfavorable weather, the backward postpone (notice).

Second, the activity location: order of mountain scenic spot

Three, activity process:

1, departure: on March 18th morning collection at the gate of the company, company charter, 8:00 on time,

After arriving at the order of mountain scenic area at the gate of a photo;

2, climb a mountain: 9:00-11:30, estimated around 10:30 govinda, and then go down, each department manager is responsible for

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