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Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass (tempered glass )

Super white light volt is a super white rolling glass, also called grain (suede) glass, super white cloth packaging glass is mainly used in solar cells, solar photovoltaic cells is an important part of. Have high solar transmittance, low absorption rate, low reflectivity and excellent properties such as low iron content, is the ideal packaging materials, solar photovoltaic and thermal conversion system can greatly improve the efficiency of photovoltaic, thermal conversion.

The product description

Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass (tempered glass )

(1) Thickness range:



(2) Max Size::1000mm*2000mm

(3) Quality:GB15763.2-2005/Company Standard

(4) Edge:Arc shape ground (C-Cut)

(5) Corner: Cut

(6) Thickness Tolerance: 2.5mm:±0.15mm



(7) Overall Bow/warp: ≤0.2%

(8) Local warp: 0.5mm/300mm

(8) Fragmentation: 2.5mm: min 30 pcs

                   3.2mm: min 40 pcs

                   4.0mm: min 40 pcs

                   The longest particle length≤75mm

(9) Thermal Durability: 0~250℃ unchanged

(10) Package:Steel pallet/ Wooden case


Density ≈2.5g/cc

Light Transmittance(3.2mm)≥91.7%

Poisson’s Ratio:≈0.2

(Yong’s) Modulus of Elasticity:≈70Gpa

Tensile Strength:25N/mm2

Heat transfer Coefficient:≈5.8W/m2 K

Expansion Coefficient:9.03X10-6m/K

Softening Point :≈600℃

Annealing Point :≈550℃

Strain Point ≈500℃


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